The Industry

The floor and surface coatings industry is in high demand as more and more commercial and residential owners choose to utilize these high tech flooring systems, in turn this has led to a rapid expansion within the specialty flooring segment, in particular, within the niche market of epoxy flooring, architectural concrete resurfacing and specialty coatings sector. The industry has rapidly expanded into Automotive / Aerospace, Commercial Office Buildings, Food and Beverage, Retail and Grocery, Hospitality, Healthcare, Manufacturing, Industrial and Residential markets.

The Brand

At S2S Global, we have created a industry-leading brand and developed a national and global presence through our TV exposure as the primary flooring and surface provider on truTV’s “Backyard Bar Wars”, HGTV’s “Home Town Takeover” with Ben and Erin Napier, Discovery Channels “GARAGE REHAB” with Richard Rawlings, CNBC’s “Cash Pad” with The Bachelorette’s JoJo Fletcher & Jordan Rodgers and DIY Network’s “Restoring Galveston” with Ashley and Michael Cordray where we offer our unique line-up products and services. It is this exclusive brand recognition coupled with our wide range of commercial and residential flooring products and applications, that has exponentially grown our opportunity for projects all over the world.

The Opportunity

Surface 2 Surface Global is proud to announce our powerful but simple S2S Dealership program that creates the ability to quickly expand into a wide variety of new markets utilizing our proprietary products and applications. We are looking for business-minded individuals, flooring professionals, or existing companies that possess a strong work ethic. Moreover, ones who are interested in learning/following our proven exclusive emerging technology who want to grow with a nationally recognized brand. Certified Dealers will be issued exclusive territories and will be trained on the core products offered by S2S Global. New Dealers might have the opportunity to assist on set with the installations on “Garage Rehab” and most importantly, learn the unique culture of the S2S Dealership and Brand. With the expansion of our industry into new fields, S2S Global has opened not only new market spaces, but entirely new revenue streams in areas where the work is essentially virgin to our niche industry segment. High-profit margins combined with a reasonable cost of entry, allow for a strong investment potential. The explosion in our industry provides our S2S Dealers with a strong opportunity for rapid growth. The Dealer shall have the minimum financial qualifications necessary to fund the opening of the dealership and the first few months of operations. Owning an S2S Global Dealership combines entrepreneurial drive and business commitment with the experience and resources of a successful company, resulting in a rewarding ROI.

Many S2S Dealerships may choose to start out in residential and then graduate into the commercial work. Due to the high volume of interests created by Surface 2 Surface’s TV presence. Owning an S2S Dealership is a rare opportunity to be part of a growing market segment that has an immediate need for representation across the Globe. The S2S Dealership opportunity offers a strong marketing system allowing Dealerships to leverage our recognized brand to effectively grow your S2S Dealership business. We offer marketing strategies to grow your new Dealership including web marketing and SEO, Pay Per Click promotions, national press releases and PR work that drives traffic directly to your exclusive Dealership territory.

What is an S2S Dealership?

As an S2S Global Dealership, you will become an expert provider and installer of our high-caliber Epoxy Flooring & specialty coatings products, Architectural concrete surfacing solutions, and Resurfaced concrete systems. As an S2S Dealership, your residential and commercial services include installing our superior quality proprietary S2S Global products on:

  • Driveways
  • Walkways
  • Patios
  • Pool Decks
  • Garage Floors
  • Office floors
  • Foyers
  • Kitchens
  • Basements
  • Commercial Garages
  • Showrooms
  • Offices
  • Retail
  • Restaurants
  • Countertops
  • Warehouse floors and much more!

What is it like to become an S2S Dealer?

If you’ve ever wondered how to obtain an S2S Dealership, it’s important to first consider if the business is the right fit for you! Many of our Dealers have existing businesses and simply wish to add our exclusive line of products to their current offering. Although most of our Dealers are very active in the installation process, some of our Dealership Owners are managers, not hands-on operators. That said, an S2S Dealership is fully scalable and can be modified to fit your desired business plan. You could run a small-scale dealership that serves only the residential market from your dealership location, then add staff and scale up as you grow. Maybe you are an existing flooring installer that wants to start your own S2S Dealership and wish to have the ability to exclusively offer our S2S Global line of products to your customers. Or maybe you are an existing company and you want to own the exclusive right to sell and install a high-quality globally recognized brand of products in your market. Whichever one you are, as an S2S Dealership, you can spend your day overseeing your crew(s), spending time meeting with customers, marketing to potential customers, and building your business instead of working for someone else or trying to build your own brand from the ground up. You see… S2S Global is the manufacturer of the products that we sell exclusively through our Dealership network, therefore, by being an S2S Dealer, you are cutting out the middle man and are buying directly from the manufacturer of the product! Whichever scenario best describes you, S2S Global’s exclusive Dealership opportunity provides you with instant credibility in the industry all while your new S2S Dealership business creates beauty and value for your customers. Isn’t it time you start enjoying a better lifestyle and creating a better future for yourself and your family? Isn’t it about time that you have the opportunity to grow something that is exclusively yours? Isn’t it time for you to have the ability to exclusively purchase high-end products directly from the manufacturer increasing your bottom line? Let S2S Global show you how!

Could this be you?

Meet Steve J. and his family. As a small scale S2S Global Dealership Owner, Steve gets to spend more time with his family than when he was traveling for work with his corporate job. Though Steve is a hard worker, he now controls his time off. He uses his sales and management skills to oversee his new S2S Dealership installation staff and to market to new and existing customers. During the day, he checks in with his staff at worksites in his area, and then heads-out in time to be home for family time, dinner, and homework duty.

Meet Salazar P. Working his whole life in the flooring services business, Salazar grew to become a leader who is highly proficient in the installation of some of the industry’s top epoxy flooring and architectural concrete surfacing products. Underpaid and under appreciated he never had the opportunity to grow within the business no matter how hard he tried. As an S2S Dealer Salazar is now reaping the benefits of his years of hard work by offering his S2S Global line of products to customers in his exclusive Dealer territory. Best of all, he does not have to worry about competing with anyone else in his area and is enjoying the rapid growth of his business.

Meet David R. David’s commercial contracting business has grown to be one of the best in his area. Because of his large commercial customer base, David realized that he had a captive audience that appreciated the quality of his work. By adding an S2S Dealership to his existing business, David was able to immediately capitalize on the emerging lucrative Epoxy Flooring and Architectural Concrete surfacing industry and offer his existing client base a multitude of exclusive high-quality flooring solutions for their properties. This provided David with the ability to increase his product offering to not only his existing customer base but through the diversification of his contracting business he was able to market to a whole new sector. With his new exclusive S2S Dealership, not only did he add a high-quality line of diversified surfacing products to his repertoire, but he grew his contracting business beyond his wildest dreams.

Who are S2S Dealership customers?

Any home, business or municipality is a potential customer. Your residential customers will be homeowners with disposable income who value the unique high-quality surfacing solutions that our S2S Dealerships offer. Your commercial customers will be businesses, building owners, municipalities or management companies who are looking for the superior S2S Global line of products that you, as an exclusive Dealer, have the license to sell and install.


It is a proven fact that now, more than ever, homeowners want their homes to reflect their style and good taste, inside and out. Our amazing line of products provides your customers with a high-end architectural finish at a fraction of the cost of traditional surface solutions. Residential customers are ready, willing, and able to spend money on their most important asset and are looking for products that are affordable, beautiful, long-lasting, durable and are easy to maintain.


Commercial property owners make decisions using the same thought process. They want to maximize the value of their buildings while minimizing expenses all while controlling maintenance costs. Architects, interior designers, decorators and homebuilders are also part of this group.

Exclusive territories

We have designed our Dealership exclusive territories to guarantee market penetration, but not saturation. We customize Dealership territories and typically place S2S Dealerships into an area based on each state’s existing county or zip code configuration. Commercial properties in a Dealership territory are not taken into account, so your actual number of potential customers can be significantly higher!
Territories are typically characterized and delineated by population, zip code and/or county and are exclusive to the Dealership Owners. No other Dealership Owner can market and otherwise perform business in your area of exclusivity.

NOTE: If you live in a densely populated city, you should consider becoming a Master Dealer by purchasing multiple territories. Additional markets are available; however, all territories are on a first-come basis. Ask Us About the benefits of owning an S2S Master Dealership in your area!

Competitive Advantage

Most decorative concrete and epoxy flooring companies are usually small-time operations and typically specialize in only one process: either overlays, countertops, resurfacing, or epoxy floors. S2S Global offers over 30 different surface solution products, providing a unique competitive advantage for our S2S Dealerships. We have also created proprietary product blends that are exclusively sold and installed by S2S Dealerships ONLY. Read on to learn more about the advantages of owning a Dealership rather than a High-Priced Franchise model!

Here are just a Few of our Incomparable products

S2S Resilient Epoxy and Urethane Floor Systems-

S2S Global offers a wide range of resilient epoxy, Polyaspartic, and polymer-modified urethane concrete floor systems. One of the prodigious elements that sets us apart from the competition, is our unique ability to modify our floor system formulations to meet the needs of any customer. Whether it is a Hazardous material storage facility that requires extreme chemical resistance, or a manufacturing facility that is looking for a system that provides maximum impact and abrasion resistance, or maybe an airport hangar with a damaged/uneven surface that needs to be completely resurfaced but also requires the unique ability to resist direct skydrol exposure all while exhibiting the ability to resist compressive strengths that exceed12,000psi… We can Manufacture it! Simply put, as an S2S Dealership owner, you have access to the highest quality product line on the market that can be custom-designed to fit the needs of your customer. Although we do have a standard line of high-quality floor systems for use in both the residential and commercial markets, we possess the uncommon ability to design the system around the needs of the end-user rather than providing a “Best-Fit” product like the competition.

S2S Stamped Overlay-

We start with our proprietary polymer, which allows our overlay to exhibit superior flexural strength, while maintaining exceptional durability. S2S Global uses a proprietary, overlay mix technology and High Definition surface molds to create the most durable and realistic overlay system that customers will enjoy for many years with minimal maintenance. Coupled with our color-fast built-in UV protection, and our premium sealers, our amazing time-tested stamped overlay system delivers a cost-effective, durable, beautiful, low-maintenance surface that will last a lifetime.

We have developed proprietary installation techniques that allow us to create a high-end architectural surface that emulates real stone, slate, brick, wood plank, fieldstone and even travertine! Our surface mold system provides an exact replica of the profile selected by the customer. This is possible because our surface molds are made from actual pieces of whichever pattern the customer selects. For example; Our 6” Staggered Wood plank mold was created by using actual pieces of distressed barn wood. We place the Barn Wood into a jig and pour our flexible rubber compound over the wood. The result is a mold that exhibits the exact physical surface profile and visual characteristics as the wood in the jig… right down to the wooden dowel fasteners! Our ability to deliver the most realistic High-Definition molded profile is only one of the many processes that sets S2S Global apart from the competition. Using only the finest mix components, we mold and shape our amazing integrally colored overlay system to achieve the most realistic aesthetic result on the market.

S2S Authorized Dealer

Competitive overlay products are very limited whereby they use archaic trowel-down methods and many use broadcast colored powders that are thrown onto the surface that color only the top 1/8” of the surface. Then they carve the various patterns into the surface resulting in the installers rendition of stone or tile. The result of this process is limited by the creativity of the installer and is only available in a few patterns. Another major drawback is the surface texture. The textures are created by skip troweling the surface resulting in a faux finish. Therefore, no matter which grout-line configuration is chosen by the customer, the texture of the surface is always the same.

Use the S2S Global Marketing Force

Marketing is the difference between a successful business and one that limps along. S2S Global’s main goal is to provide a simple yet effective exclusive Dealership model and we offer various marketing plans to help our Dealerships achieve their financial goals. Our commitment to assist and offer our Dealers superior advertising and marketing support which helps to ensure an exceptional Dealership advantage.

We offer our S2S Dealership Owners all the tools necessary to aggressively market in their territories:

  • We offer our Dealerships a custom web site that allows you to personalize content, feature your projects, and customer testimonials. Our dealer web sites are created with the latest search engine optimization (SEO) techniques to ensure high visibility in local markets. Your new S2S customized web site will come pre-loaded with high-quality photographs of past projects detailing each of your selected unique preferred services.
  • The development of our online sales tool application is underway and can be used to pitch the S2S Dealerships selected flagship products to potential customers. This unique resource will have product-specific videos containing the detailed process for each of the products and services offered by the dealer.
  • Social media management through a variety of platforms: Facebook, Instagram, etc.
  • Comprehensive marketing brochures for each of the S2S Global line of products
  • We offer all the marketing tools you need for your dealership including our S2S marketing tool kit that contains everything from print ads, flyers, newspaper ad inserts, door hangers, yard signs, custom business cards, along with EDDM design and production, PPC pay per click advertising plans, and more.
  • Our customized Dealership Portal is a web-based program that offers our dealerships the process, business, training vault access and sales management tools. This unique system will eventually become the core of your operation.
  • Consistent branding is an important element of your S2S Dealership business. Consider your vehicle and trailer as moving billboards that draw in new customers as you travel and while you are on a work-site. Your S2S Dealership will have all access to the S2S Global IP (intellectual property) components and Surface 2 Surface logos which can be used for:
    • Business Signage
    • Business Cards
    • Branded web site
    • Branded graphics for a pickup truck
    • Branded custom wrap for a trailer
    • Uniform shirts for you and your team

Training and Product Support

We provide our S2S Dealers with detailed training for each of the products that you plan to offer your customers in your exclusive market. Although Surface 2 Surface is not a franchise, our Dealership Owners can call the S2S Global home office for help on any project or product question that may arise. You will also be able to access our Dealership network to discuss job- specific and product installation related questions, marketing questions, business-related questions and much more.

We have an exceptional understanding of field scenarios and can talk you through many issues that may arise on a project. Moreover, you’ll have an experienced guide advising you every step of the way. Best of all, if you need project-specific piece-of-mind, with our on-site consultation services, we will provide you with an expert technician that will work with you and your team on your actual job site and walk you through the steps!

The Deal

Many people want to know what the earning potential of this unique opportunity is.

Simply put… Your income potential as an S2S Dealer depends greatly on many factors. For Dealers new to owning your own business, your goals to achieve maximum results are primarily directly correlated with your hard work and effort. Other contributing factors for success include, expanding sales while concurrently lowering your operating costs. This includes offering quality products and unparalleled service. At S2S Global, we provide our Dealers with our high-quality proprietary line of products at supply-store pricing, increasing profitability which results in a faster ROI. With our comprehensive training program, you will be prepared to offer your customers service beyond reproach.

Other considerations for success include operating costs such as mortgage/rent, product and supplies for installations, staffing, utilities, bookwork, marketing materials, social media & Website management, among other things. From one month to the next, you may find that your costs to run your new business fluctuate, but your up-front costs are (for the most part) fixed and they include things like S2S Licensing, initial equipment purchases, signage, and renovations of your dealership location.

Depending on the independent S2S Dealerships product focus, the initial startup cost can vary significantly. For example; An S2S Dealer who is interested in just offering basic services to the residential market would be able to hit the ground running with only the equipment and training included in the initial “Dealership Investment”. Whereas a dealer who is wanting to pursue the commercial flooring and specialty coatings industry may need to invest in more equipment such as our commercial grinding equipment packages and specialized large batch mixing equipment. The good news is, S2S Global offers its Dealers below market-pricing on all the equipment and products used to install our proprietary flooring and surface systems resulting in higher net margins for each project.

For more detailed information including the general initial cost of an S2S Dealership and general range of start-up costs and detailed information on the entire line of S2S Global product offerings… Fill out the below form and set up a time to speak directly with the president and founder of Surface2Surface Global, Keith Kimberlin.


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